3 responsibilities and 4 process steps where they can add great value to achieve high-quality objectives

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For some reason, OKR planning in most companies is a stressful moment that we go through each quarter. We need to consider myriads of inputs, definition sessions, and cross-team alignments to create high-quality OKRs for our team.

While this is challenging for organizations of any size, large enough organizations (usually…

How to differentiate and build a competitive advantage that you can sustain and defend over time

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Creating your product strategy is hard work. You have to identify insights, clarify goals and assumptions, and align with multiple stakeholders.

While all steps are vital, I have often seen that successful strategies come to life in a moment of truth: when you select those insights, that will truly make…

— Boston — Copley Square: The Tortoise and the Hare

How prioritizing strategic goals differs from backlog prioritization and what tools you can use for each

As product managers and product leaders, one of our key activities is prioritization. We need to make sure the team is working on the right thing at the right moment to succeed.

Most of the time, our goal is to decide between two features. We use and adapt existing

How to build successful products at scale with Strategy, Roadmaps, and Objectives and Key Results

Yesterday was FINALLY released, and it became #1 new release in its category! I wanted to create a brief summary for those interested in these topics.

1 — The problem

As product leaders, one of our key responsibilities to create successful products is to select the right problems to solve, those that…

[Podcast] Hablamos con Sebi Kaiser y Gime Massa sobre las dificultades y los tips para generar armonía y cosechar éxitos entre las dos disciplinas

¡Estrenamos la segunda temporada del podcast de Conversaciones de Producto!

Por votación popular, en los próximos episodios conversaremos sobre la relación de producto con los otros roles en el equipo y en la compañía. …

[Podcast] Hablamos con Leandro Malandrini, una de las personas que más sabe en Latinoamérica sobre cómo relacionarse exitosamente con stakeholders

Uno de los principales desafíos del Product Management es navegar satisfactoriamente entre las distintas disciplinas con las que interactuamos. Hay que saber gestionar las necesidades, expectativas y comunicación con roles muy distintos, desde Tecnología hasta Legales.

Leandro, VP de Producto en Pedidos Ya, con su enorme trayectoria es una de…

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Working on online products, currently as Director of Product at XING. Passionate about technology and amazing web/mobile products.

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