How to set and improve your Product Strategy

6-part series to strengthen your strategic skills

Nacho Bassino
2 min readNov 23, 2020


Over the last months, I’ve been writing articles related to creating, measuring, communicating, and executing Product Strategy.

Since the articles were not posted in sequential order and spread over time, I felt it might be useful to create this foreword with a proposed sequence and a “one-liner” to let you know what to expect from each article.

1. Steps and tools to create a great product strategy

2. How to come up with insights, the most critical aspect of a solid strategy

3. 3 ways to quickly measure strategy results and

4. Connect strategy with execution through OKRs and improved communication

5. How to synthesize your strategy to create a memorable communication

6. How to balance top-down vs bottom-up strategic decisions

If any of those topics caught your attention, you may be interested in my upcoming book, describing at length, with examples and templates, the process to successfully create and link the Product Strategy, Roadmaps, and OKRs.
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