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My Top 5 challenges of Product Management and Development — Part V

Alignment, Goal Setting and Bonuses

OKRs setting

For the last few years, I have been using OKRs (Objective and Key Results) as a goal-setting tool. Like any method, they have their pros & cons, but it is a simple and powerful tool so I keep using them.

Team autonomy and alignment

Besides these usual challenges of goal setting, when an organization grows to a certain number of teams collaborating with each other, new problems may arise.

  • Loosely coupled team foundation
  • Alignment
  • Autonomy

Performance Bonuses and Goals

Another extremely painful challenge is setting bonuses. Bonuses have an immense power to focus attention, and at the same time are extremely dangerous since no bonus system will perfectly align with what needs to be achieved.

How many goals should you have?

A minor challenge at this point, but still worth mentioning it is which is the right amount of goals to focus on, especially in bigger organizations.



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Nacho Bassino

Working on online products, currently as Director of Product at XING. Passionate about technology and amazing web/mobile products.